Investment Club

In 1996, a group of TAAGP members got together and formed the TAAGP Investment Club. We formulated a Charter (by-law) in the first meeting with the primary goal of exchanging ideas and educating ourselves in equity investment. The Charter dictates that a president, a vice-president (president elect), a treasurer, and an auditor be elected once a year with no term limit. All the important decisions are to be voted on democratically. For example, the buy/sell orders require a two third majority votes. The formation of the Club was announced to the TAAGP members and fifteen charter (family) members joined the Club. Each charter member contributed an equal amount of money which was deposited into a newly created brokerage account in September, 1996.
In each monthly meeting, a couple of members present stocks of his/her choice, or investment strategies, or any helpful ways in investing. Buy/sell proposals from the floor are seconded and voted on in each meeting. The treasurer executes the meeting decisions. The meeting format has been refined and investment techniques grown in sophistication over the years. For example, we have learned to use trailing stop order, conditional trigger order, and technical analysis in our decision making and ordering. We also learned the art of option trading. The paper handout is replaced by colorful power point presentations in most cases.
In over a decade of history, a few families moved away and a few left the Club for personal reasons. Overall, the membership has been very steady and we have bonded together strongly from healthy discussions (in and out of meetings) and good meal. We are looking forward to growing stronger in the years ahead.

Bert Lee (July, 2009)

Current and Past President of Investment Club
  Bert Lee 1997-1998
  Ben Su 1999
  James Jii Shieh 2000
  Joe Hsu 2001-2002
  Wen S. Chiu 2003-2004
  Daniel Yeh 2005
  Thomas Shih 2006
  Kuo-Liang Tchong 2007
  Wen-Shiong Yang 2008
  Hank Lin 2009