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2009 Upcoming Activities

December 12: We are planning to attend the Christmas show at Philadelphia or New York City. We welcome TAAGP to co-sponsor the activity.

November 14: We will have seminar on “Using and Tuning a Personal Computer” given by Mr.  Charles Yang.

October 18: We will have a seminar on "Taiwan, now and future" given by Mr. Jay Tsu-Yi Loo, a renowned expert in Taiwan's events and affairs'.

September 5-11: 九月初, 十位墾丁社 (KT Club) 的"老伙仔"鄉親好友, 共五對夫妻, 組團參加一個美西國家公園的巴士旅遊團. 全程七天六夜. 聽說這是美國境內, 華人辦的最熱門的巴士旅遊團. 我們先搭飛機到科羅拉多州的丹佛 (Denver) 市, 然後搭巴士出發. 上了巴士之後, 真的發現此團的聲譽的確名不虛傳, 整台巴士五十五個座位, 坐得滿滿的. 除了路線導遊均是上選之外, 價錢公道大概也是此團所以暢銷的緣故之一. 全程美元$480包括巴士, 旅社, 入場卷, 但不包括從各地飛到丹佛市的機票, 午晚餐, 及小費.
中午抵達丹佛後, 首先參觀科州的州政廳 (State Capital) 以及紅石劇場 (Red Rock Amphitheater). 隔天, 巴士即往北開, 接著往東, 然後往西前進. 沿途經過了科羅拉多高原 (Colorado Plateau), 包括了懐俄明, 南塔科達, 蒙搭那, 猶他, 還有艾得荷幾個州, 也參觀了幾個著名的國家公園, 包括世界七大天然奇觀之一的黃石公園 (Yellow Stone), 大提頓國家公園 (Grand Teton), 瘋馬巨石 (Crazy Horse Monument), 總統巨石 (Mount Rushmore Presidential Monument), 魔鬼峰 (Devils Tower Monument),), 拱門國家公園 (Arch Nat’l Park), 塩湖城 (Salt Lake City), 世界最大最深的露天銅礦, 還有從加拿大往南延伸的洛磯山脈等等. 其中幾個景點, 事實上以前已去過幾次, 但是從來沒有像這次, 看得這麽詳細, 這麽令人懐念. 奇石崢巖, 天造地設, 鬼斧神工, 火山噴泉, 蠻牛野鹿, 一切的一切, 真是令人驚心動魄, 嘆為觀止.

August 22: We will have a field trip to a pick-your-own farm/orchard; the Lin Villa Orchard to pick peaches, apples, pears, raspberries and vegetables.  This activity is co-organized with TAAGP. Everybody is welcome. For details, see: “www.linvilla.com

July  25: We will visit the Fonthill and Moravian Pottery and Tile Works museums in Doylestown and have a seminar on “My Discovery /My Creation 新數學新概念” (and maybe demonstrations of Yoga, Tai-chi and Chi-kong)  given by Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Lai [賴維敏夫妻]. Abstract: “In this talk, I will share with our friends in KT club my discovery and my creation of a new mathematical system. I will illustrate that some of our mathematical teachings in the past in the elementary schools and high schools are” 不夠正確”, and are in need of rectification. Based on my new mathematical concepts, I shall resort to various graphs to explain宇宙萬物間大小多寡快慢動靜上下左右曲直關係之奧祕.


June 27: We got together again at Dr. and Mrs. Liaos’ home for a potluck party. Dr. Liao presented a seminar on “The safety and hygiene of raw vegetables and fruits to be eaten uncooked.” Abstract : “This presentation will provide the audiences a better understanding about: 1. classification of food poisoning; 2. types of microorganisms involving in food poisoning, especially those commonly mentioned in news reports; 3. fresh produce safety assessment; 4. means to keep produce safe from the consumer perspective (not too much from the perspective of the producer, processor, or restaurant operator); 5. organic vs non-organic; and seed sprouts as a healthy food/diet.”


 Some major issues which impressed the members are: Understanding how to avoid food poisoning and how to keep fresh produce safety; the cost-benefits of organic versus conventional produce; and alleviating fears surrounding the consumption of raw foods.

May 23: We visited Winterthur in Delaware . 17 people participated. At Winterthur we rode a motor car circling around the beautiful gardens, and received a guided tour of DuPont Mansion . After a picnic lunch, we strolled around the various pretty garden trails. Everybody had a good time and thought to come again.

February 7: We watched a movie at Mr. and Mrs. Yangs’ home, using their home-theater system. Afterwards, we played card games, entitled “Just make it”, “Heat”, and “Dragon”. We then ate pizza. The party ended around 10:00PM. Everyone enjoyed the party and especially Mrs. Yang’s home-made desserts.  

January 24: A potluck party was held at Dr. and Mrs. Liaos’ home. After lunch, Dr. Lee called the brainstorm meeting to order. The meeting discussed the name of the club, its purpose, activities, possible locations, whether to charge a membership fee, general ideas of the club’s organization and appointed a vice president, treasurer, secretary, etc…. The party was joyful and the meeting was successful. Special thanks to the hosts.